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 Week 7 Shutter Priority

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PostSubject: Week 7 Shutter Priority   Sun 2 Aug - 18:30

Shutter Priority Mode: In this mode, you select the desired shutter speed and the camera selects the aperture value for a correct exposure. Shutter Priority mode is used when you want to have control over shutter speeds – either fast or slow. It is usually denoted by “Tv” or an “S” on your camera.

As you probably already know, shutter speed is the amount of time your shutter is open. With digital photography, your shutter speed is the amount of time your image sensors “see” the image you are photographing.

Shutter speeds are measured in seconds or fractions of seconds and look like 1/500, 1/250, 1/2 or 1 as in one second etc. They can range anywhere from 1/8000 to B for bulb. Bulb keeps the shutter open for as long as the shutter button is pressed down. Check your camera manual to see what shutter speeds are available on your camera and how they are displayed.

The shutter speed you select depends on what type of photo you want to take. If you want to freeze fast action, you would choose a fast shutter speed. The faster your subject, the faster your shutter speed will have to be to freeze the action. If you wanted to blur fast action to show the movement, you would select a slow shutter speed. For example, if you were at a car racing event and wanted to freeze the cars as they went by, you would choose a fast shutter speed like 1/500th. If you wanted to capture a race car going past you with some blur around the car so you can see the movement of the car, you might choose a shutter speed of 1/100th.

When using very slow shutter speeds (usually 1/60th or less), it is necessary to use a tripod or something to place your camera on to steady it. The shutter is open longer so any movement at all will result in camera shake and a blurry image. A remote shutter release may also be used to reduce the amount of shake caused by depressing the shutter.

One thing to keep in mind when increasing your shutter speed is that the shutter is open for less time and thus letting in less light. As a result, you may need to increase your ISO setting in order to let in enough light to get the shot. Also, because in this mode you choose the shutter speed and the camera selects the correct aperture, remember that depth of field will be affected as the aperture value changes. Remember from last week’s challenge that a small f-number results in a shallower depth of field and a large f-number results in a greater depth of field.

Check your camera manual to see if your camera offers a continuous shooting setting or burst mode. This allows you to worry less about getting the perfect timing in action since the camera quickly takes several shots at a time after you depress the shutter.

The best way to learn about shutter priority mode is to take lots of photos using different settings to see how the camera compensates and to see the results you get. Take the same shot at different shutter speeds and see how it affects movement and the depth of field.

• Set your camera to shutter priority mode. Set your shutter speed to a fast setting such as 1/500th. Remember to select your white balance and ISO settings as well keeping in mind that fast shutter speeds require a higher ISO. Set your camera to continuous or burst mode so you can fire off several fast shots at a time. Find a moving subject to shoot. It can be anything from running water to a child jumping.
• Take the same shot at a several different slower shutter speeds remembering that your ISO may need to be lowered as your shutter will stay open longer letting more light in.
• Compare the shots at the different shutter speeds noting how depth of field and the action differentiates as the shutter speeds were lowered.


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Week 7 Shutter Priority
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